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JC Community to Vote on School District's $28.9M Project

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Johnson City residents will have to vote on the school district's $28.9 million capital improvement project Wednesday, December 5.

The project, entitled Renewal 2020, will focus on safety and security, program changes, and building systems. 

"The project is the culmination of two years worth of planning from the board of education and the school staff in which we used a state mandated building condition survey to assess our needs," said Mary Kay Roland, Johnson City Central School District Superintendent.

The project is estimated to cost taxpayers 0.25-percent on their tax bill. 

The school district held a public information meeting Tuesday night at the high school to give community members more information and questions about the project. 

"I've been here since the K-8 building has been opened and everyday two thousand people go - kids and adults - go through that building and use it and its used very heavily on the weekends by community groups so the enhancements that are going to happen there are really going to help our students stay very current with the changes in the science curriculum," said Roland.

"It's going to put a science lab in the elementary area which is also going to function as a STEM lab so our youngest learners are going to have a lot of opportunities for hands on experiences and do real science," said Roland.

"For our middle school students, we have expanded two more labs because our science program has become much more intensive with requirements from State ED and the fact that we are teaching Living Environment and Earth Science at the eight grade level and they both have a region's requirement of 1200 minutes of science lab time," said Roland.

Community members in Johnson City will decide whether to approve to disapprove the project Wednesday, Dec. 5. They can vote from noon to 8 p.m. at Johnson City High School or Two Rivers Church (Chrisfield Campus). 

To learn more about Renewal 2020, click here.