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Whitney Point Field Hockey Concludes Historic Season With Celebration

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Whitney Point, N.Y. - Whitney Point's field hockey team finished their 2018 season with an 18-2 record, as well as being crowned Class C State Champions. The eagles grabbed their fifth consecutive state title this past weekend, making them the first team in any sport throughout Section IV to do so. Therefore, the team, coaches, staff, family and friends celebrated their historic accomplishment Tuesday night at Whitney Point high school.

The 2018 season consisted of 14 seniors, five of those seniors have experienced the past five state championship titles together and just about all of the seniors have been playing field hockey together since grade school. The experience, chemistry and leadership from this year's senior class has been continous since they arrived to the program, in 2014.

"Having fourteen seniors was different than any other year. Having that experience and connection is what helped us because we've been playing together since first grade" said Senior Captain, Leanne Bough.

"Winning just one wasn't enough for us. Winning just two, we knew we could keep going and going and getting to the 5th title, was just incredible" said Senior Captain Amy Stevens.

Head Coach Nicole Houston has been leading the Whitney Point field hockey team since 2010 and expressed that she never could have imagined doing what the girls have done the last five years.

"To get one was great, but to win consecutive five. It's surreal when you look at the accomplishments these girls have had together" said Houston.

We knew coming into the season that our number is up and everyone is coming for us this year. For them to be able to hold together and include the underclassmen and build that chemistry with them this year, was huge."