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Binghamton University Extends Tommy Dempsey's Contract Two Years

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Binghamton, N.Y. - Binghamton University has given seventh-year head Men's basketball coach Tommy Dempsey a contract extension through the 2020-21 season. Dempsey was beginning the final year of his existing contract this winter. However, the timing of it is odd considering the Bearcats are only three games into the season, posting a (1-2) record. Binghamton University Athletic Director Patrick Elliot expressed that the timing has to do with recruiting purposes because Wednesday starts the National Letter of Intent early signing period. Elliot needs their recruits to know that the program is committed to Tommy Dempsey.

A reasonable question also has to do with the numbers the Bearcats have put up in Dempsey 's six year tenure. Since 2012, the Bearcats sit at 48-138 (48-140) including the start of the 2018-19 season. In the last two years, the Bearcats have collected a 23-40 record. However, Athletic Director Patrick Elliot expressed that when he first hired Tommy Dempsey, he knew that to get to where they needed to be, the on court results were going to have to suffer a little bit.

"The first sign of a program going the wrong way is when the coach loses the locker room and there starts to be doubt with the student-athletes. But, all these young men are excited to come into the gym everyday and they're excited to play for Coach Dempsey."

"Tommy Dempsey is a tremendous coach in so many different ways at this level. The one thing though is that the numbers aren't there, obviously numbers don't lie. But, it's my job to weigh out all the metrics and it's been an easy decision for me to know that Tommy Dempsey is the right guy here."

In the last six years under Dempsey's leadership, the Bearcats haven't made it past the Quarterfinals in the America East Tournament. But, Elliot expressed his confidence and faith in the program moving forward for the next two years, even when the numbers make you turn your head. So, the two questions have to be, when do the numbers start to matter and what will make for a successful 2018-19 season?

"A lot of the time, success is determined where you are in a program. But, I still believe success at this level, is making the NCAA tournament, that's the goal every year and it's the goal right now" said Tommy Dempsey.

“When people believe in you, it’s a powerful thing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a little kid or one of our student-athletes or an adult. So, we’re very grateful to be given an opportunity to continue to do our jobs here.”

A look at Dempsey's records since 2012:

2012-13: 3-27

2013-14: 7-23

2014-15: 6-26

2015-16: 8-22

2016-17: 12-20

2017-18: 11-20

2018-19: 1-2