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Libertarian Candidate For Governor Larry Sharpe Hosts Rally In Binghamton

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With midterm elections just days away, gubernatorial candidate Larry Sharpe (L) paid a visit to Binghamton Saturday. 

Dozens of supporters came out to Galaxy Brewing Company where the Libertarian candidate held a rally.

"I'm growing in momentum. Tuesday's going to be amazing. People are going to be shocked at how well we do," said Sharpe. 

The main topic of discussion in the rally today was 'change' in New York State, using the hashtag #ANewNY throughout his campaign. 

"If you vote red or blue on Tuesday, you will get no change. Blue team comes in first, red team comes in second, no change, been happening for 16 years, vote gold November 6," said Sharpe.

In his campaign, Sharpe is known for his push to legalize marijuana in the state and eliminating the state income tax. 

Sharpe is also pushing to repeal the NY Safe Act, which requires universal background checks on gun purchases and and imposes the toughest assault weapons ban in the country. 

The law was passed by the New York State Legislature and was signed into law by Gov. Cuomo in January 2013 in response to the Sandy Hook massacre.

On November 6th, Sharpe will face incumbent Andrew Cuomo (D), Marc molinaro (R), Howie Hawkins (G), and Stephanie miner (S) in the race for New York governor.