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UE Students Get A Lesson On Safe Driving

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In honor of National Teen Driver Safety Week, state police stopped by Union-Endicott High School Thursday to give students an interactive lesson on safe driving.

During gym class, troopers let students compete in the 'Battle of the Belts.' In this fast-moving competition, teams of four challenge one another to see who can buckle-up the fastest. The team who buckles up through each of the four seats the fastest wins.

The lesson behind the game is to show teens that it only takes a second to buckle up.

"We want to make sure that students understand that when they are old enough and able to drive they need to stay focused, drive slowly, not be distracted and obviously always wear their seat belt. said Josh Gannon, Union-Endicott Director of Health Physical Education and Athletics.

So, whatever we can do that in a school environment and partner up with the State Police in the state, it's kind of a win-win just to make sure our kids are safe okay," said Gannon. 

Students also had a chance to use the Seat Belt Convincer, a simulator allowing riders to experience the surprising amount of force in a low speed collision and understanding first hand the importance of seat belts. 

According to a recent WalletHub study, New York State is ranked number one in the nation for teen driver safety.