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Fox 40's Game Of The Week: Union-Endicott

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Union-Endicott, N.Y. - This week's game of the week highlights a historic Class A rivalry that goes all the way back to the late 1950's. Vestal and Union-Endicott 's history and thrilling games has made them arguably the biggest rivalries in Section IV.

"It's a new team, but it's the same old story. U-E vs Vestal" said U-E head coach, Tom Baleno.

"It's a great Section IV rivalry. There are great rivalries in Section IV football, but there's something always special about U-E and Vestal."

"You can just tell in the last couple of days of practice that the focus and level of intensity is definitely up a few notches" said O-line and D-line coach, Vince Baleno.

"I'm definitely expecting it to go down to the last drive."

Now, that expectation is not far-fetched when you look at the two teams history. Those down to the wire, thrilling football games that we all look forward to is exactly the kind of show that Vestal and Union-Endicott put on when they go up against each other.

"Vestal and U-E are very similar. Similar in the sense where we both battle to the end." said Tom.

Vestal and Union-Endicott have met in the Section IV Class A Championship game, where Union-Endicott has come out on top two consecutive years. But, listen to this. In those last two championship games, a total of eight points has separated the winning team from the losing team.

"They have good athletes. Always well coached and they bring the same intangibles" said Vince.

"The game holds the same stakes for them, so I'm sure their practice over there, looks just like our practice over here."

But, when you put the past to the side and focus on the present, you'll see a 1-3 Union-Endicott team.

"I think this is one of the better 1-3 teams you're ever going to see" said Vince.

"In some of our games we haven't played four quarters of  good tackling and blocking. We're looking to put together four quarters of good football and once we do that we will accomplish our goal" said Tom.

The Tigers and Golden Bears kick off Saturday at 2 p.m.