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Endwell Man Escapes House Fire, Home A Total Loss

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An Endwell man escapes with his life after flames completely engulfed his home late Sunday night. 

Just after 11 p.m., multiple fire departments responded to 3304 Wayne Street in Endwell after flames were reported. 

According to the Endwell Fire Chief Tom Palazzo, around 40 firefighters worked to knock down the flames.

Chief Palazzo said it took around 10 minutes to knock down the fire and 30 minutes to fully extinguish it.

Brent Fallon, the owner of the residence, was home with his two cats when the fire ignited. The fire started in the upstairs of the home.

"I can’t believe how fast it went up," said Fallon.

The homeowner said he fabricates metal in his free time and was using a torch when the fire started.

"I was making myself a scraper a large sized one and I was trying to harden it with the torch," said Fallon."I put it in a setting where you don’t need to hold the trigger down, and the torch fell and it started hitting the couch."

He tried to smother the flames with a blanket and when he thought most of it was smothered, he ran downstairs to get an extinguisher. But by the time he ran back upstairs and sprayed the flames, the area was shrouded in smoke making it hard for him to see.

"From the time I went upstairs and sprayed the extinguisher, I thought the power had gone out immediately after because it was just black everywhere, but I know it didn't go out though because I heard the TV," said Fallon.

"Two minutes, literally, it was that fast," said Fallon.

Fallon was able to find the door and exit the home, but he knew his cats were still inside. 

"I was calling for them. I went around back and broke the window to unlock the two locks and then just left it open," said Fallon. "My phone was in there so I had to get somebody to call 911."

Fallon hopes his cats were able to find their way out. 

"In five minutes, it was completely engulfed," said Fallon. "It already spread up to the attic and there was popping noises everywhere. It was insane."

Fallon said he's grateful his son wasn't home at the time.

"He would have been sleeping and it would have made it that much more difficult," said Fallon.

According to Chief Palazzo, five departments responded to the fire including, Endwell Fire, Endicott Fire, Union Center, Vestal, and Broome County Fire Investigation.