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Fox 40 Goes to Camp: Chenango Valley Warriors

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The Chenango Valley Warriors enter the 2018 Section IV Football season with a lot in the rear-view mirrors of Class B.

Last year, CV saw a defeated season end with a record of 0-9, losing to Walton, 26-34. It was their closest loss of 2017.

The Warriors are taking the field for the new high school football season with their heads up high, knowing that the past is the past, but still holding onto a little bit of a grudge.

"We want to make sure we don't forget too much [of 2017]. We want to remember and put some of that in our hearts," said Jason Hope, Chenango Valley Warriors Head Coach.

Only sporting 6 senior class-men in the past season, the CV Warriors hope to turn things around by more than doubling the senior class in 2018 with 15. Most of which had to endure, loss after loss.


"Many of those guys went through what happened last season and they realized that this is their senior season. If they want to do anything, if they want to focus up and work harder, that's what's going to make anything happen this season," said Lucas Scott, Warriors Right Guard/Defensive Lineman/Defensive End.

Growing from a fairly young team last season, some players just sophomores on the CV varsity team, some Warriors had 2 or 3 years to learn their roles. And said they feel they're more than ready for a home-game kickoff against the Johnson City Wildcats next Friday, at 7:00 p.m.

"We're at the peak of knowing how each other is going to play. We know what pushes each other, we know how to push each other," said Lucas Scott.