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Kick Start Your Fit Start With Kiley!

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Binghamton, N.Y. - Fox 40 and Synergy Athletics (Colin Wilson) has teamed up in a thirteen week program based on health, wellness and fitness. "Kick start your fit start with Kiley" is a fun and hands on way to take the viewers along for my every week journey.  Colin and I's mission is to express the importance of nutrition, injury prevention, fitness and living a healthy life style. Each week we'll bring you something a little different, whether it be working on specific muscles or taking a trip to the supermarket and picking out all the healthy foods and vitamins.

Synergy's fitness coach, Rachel Nikka's joined Colin and I in Week 5, as we changed things up a little bit. Instead of working out, we had an in depth conversation on what living a healthy life style can do for a person's mind. Physical activity helps bump up the production of your brain's feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins.

"Exercise is actually really good for stress relief, a lot of people don't realize it but when you're working out, you actually release endorphins" said Colin Wilson.

"If you look at a situation and the glass looks half empty, after exercise you can actually turn around, so that way the glass looks half full, so it can really change your perception and how you look at things."

"Everyone has that one thing that gets them going, some people it may be the gym. Some people it may be lifting, running, but for me, running is one of my favorite things to do because it's a good stress relief" said Rachel Nikkas.

"I like a good leg day. If I'm doing dead lifts its either because a. I love them or b. I'm having a bad day" Colin said.

I'm sure anyone can agree that the most difficult thing with making sure you're living a healthy life style is actually doing so. 

"The first step is the hardest step, but it's the most important step because after that, the momentum gets going and you feel great and it's easier to come back. It's just a snow ball effect of good" said Colin.