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Little League Big Hearts

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Vestal, N.Y. - For the first time in over a decade, Vestal's U-10 Little League will be heading to the New York State Playoffs, this weekend. But, they're not the only young kids from Vestal who will be heading there, Vestal U-11 will also be making their way to the playoffs, for the first time since 2011.

Although these boys are young, their character and passion has given them the opportunity to have a lot of success this year.Through the highs and the lows, both teams have let their love for baseball guide the way.

"I think the success just comes from sticking together, really picking each other up, if one person makes a bad play, the next kid makes the play to get us out of the jam" stated U-10 head coach, Kevin Cutler.

"They're very competitive about it, they're very excited when they win and get very emotional when something goes bad."

These young boys may be small, but their hearts are bigger than most.

"If we get thrown out at the plate, we'll be diving the next inning... we don't give up, that's why we haven't lost a game since the M-E tournament" stated U-10 outfielder, Nicholas Catarella.

 "In Oneonta, we were down 11 to 5 and won 12-11 like our team doesn't give up" stated U-10's second baseman and pitcher, Max Policare.

"They never get down you know, we've been in tough situations all summer long but have found a way to pull it out" stated Cutler.

And after both teams won sectionals last week, this energetic group of young boys has to find more ways to make a run in the state tournament.

"I tell them everyday, it doesn't matter if we make errors, if we strike out or give up home-runs, what matters is how you play the game, if you play it hard and those things happen, there's nothing to be ashamed of" Stated U-11 head coach, Derek Washburn.

Vestals U-10 and U-11 Little League teams will travel to Albany to play Saturday July 21st and Sunday July 22nd in the double-elimination tournament. If they win both games they will play every day until Tournament. If they win States, the farthest they can make it is in Rhode Island for Regional, the following week.