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Columbia Financial Group Employees Donate 4 Tons Of Food To CHOW

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The Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse (CHOW) received 4 tons of food with the help of Columbian Financial Group employees.

This isn't the only local charity work that Columbian Financial does, Patrick Mannion Vice Chairman says " We still do CHOW related events throughout the year, we have a picnic coming up, we do fundraisers during but this is one of our main events".

This event could not come any sooner, 40% of those served by the CHOW program are children.

Jack Seman the CHOW Program Director says " Today we had one of our largest food drives of the year, when a lot of people think of hunger they think of the holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas but honestly in Broome County over 16 thousand children are relying on free and reduced lunch.. the summer is a time of great hunger"

When asked how many meals can be made from the 8 thousand pounds of food Seman said " 8 thousands pounds of food is about 7,500 meals... it's a lot of food.. a lot of people are going to be affected by this".