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Ticket Prices Soar For Eastern League All-Star Game All Because Of Tim Tebow

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Once news broke out that Tim Tebow would be playing in the Eastern League All-Star game, online tickets sky rocketed. According to Steve Spiewak with Vivid seats, they "noticed nearly a 6X price increase on Eastern League All-Star Game tickets after Tebow was announced to play."

On Vivid seats, the cheapest ticket rose to $115, nearly six times the $20 tickets available prior to the announcement that Tebow was an all star.

"There are not many athletes in sports who have the power to singularly impact ticket prices, I mean you see Tiger Woods doing that in the masters and Lebron James going to the Lakers, but it seems like Tim Tebow with the Eastern-League All Star game, the immediate jump in prices seems to be directed to Tim Tebow" said Spiewak.

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