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Tioga County Jail to Receive State Grant for Addiction Treatment

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Tioga County Jail is getting a boost in funding that will bring jail-based substance use disorder treatment services. 

Seventeen counties, including Broome and Tioga, will be receiving at least part of the grant. Allocation of the funds is based on the population of the jails, as well as the number of medical incidents.

State Sen. Fred Akshar joined Tioga County Sheriff Gary Howard and Tioga County Legislature Martha Sauerbrey to announce the allocation of state funding to the county. 

“We’re funding this project at 3.75 million dollars and Tioga County is one of the recipients of a grant award in the amount of 156 thousand dollars to provide jail-based treatment services” said Senator Akshar. 

Tioga County Sheriff Howard reported that nearly 50% of inmates at the Tioga County Jail suffer from some type of addiction and that the grant was coming at a great time.

County Legislature Sauerbrey said “Anything that we can do to help people with addictions get their life back together and be able to go out and live in society and be productive citizens is a benefit for everyone."