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Downtown Business Owners Suggest More Downtown Events

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As students leave for the summer, local business find ways to survive without their normal customer base. 

While events like July Fest and LUMA help bring in crowds to these restaurants and stores, local business leaders think that they have an answer to how to help permanently reduce the loss of revenue. 

Mike Weisel, co-owner of Galaxy Brewing Company, has been attempting to place exactly what needs to happen in order to bring in the summer rushes. 

“Summertime is always a little difficult. Not because there are fewer kids downtown but rather because people.. They want to be outside” Weisel said. 

“People want to be outside, have a good time, and in some respects don’t think about going downtown. The real key is having people think ‘Oh, there is always something going on downtown. Something fun, something unique, something different to do.’” Weisel continued. 

Galaxy Brewing Company is detailing a list of summer events that they will run to keep patrons interested, like a brewing competition, but they feel the city could do more to help. 

“Last year they had Shakespeare down at Confluence Park. Those are the kinds of things that will draw people downtown. That is what I believe will really begin to change things.” said Weisel.

Other business owners have similar ideas, like Emiliya Bartashoff, co-owner of Strange Brew on Washington St.

“Around the times that we have events like July Fest and, you know, sometimes LUMA depending on when it is, and just different races and things.. It definitely brings out a lot more people to downtown but it is good because it brings down new faces and people really get to experience the downtown vibe that we have and all the different places to eat.” Bartashoff said.