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Prime Care Opens Regional Hub in Binghamton

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Prime Care Coordination has officially opened its doors in Binghamton, marking one of five brand new regional hubs in New York State.

As of July 1st, New York moved to conflict-free care management by transitioning Medicaid Service Coordination to new entities called Care Coordination Organizations (CCOs).

Prime Care is one of three CCOs in the Southern Tier and is located at the Southern Tier Independence Center on E. Frederick Street in Binghamton.

The organization as a whole will care for over 7,000 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

“We’ll be able to really provide services as needed, we’ll have information in a timely fashion, we’ll also be able to access more services for individuals. Hopefully with this change, we’ll be able to broaden our services that we provide, and the supports that we have, so the individuals can have a better quality of care.” - Emily Neville, Regional Director of Prime Care Coordination

Prime Care employs 300 people across the state, and is planning to hire even more.