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Trust The Process

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Rumble Ponies infielder Levi Michael was released from the Minnesota Twins after six seasons back in March 2018 but was quickly picked up by the New York Mets organization. The University of North Carolina standout was the Twin's first-round draft pick in 2011. However, the twenty-seven year old has yet to reach his peak, considering after seven years he has yet to make it to the big show. Last season he was promoted to Minnesota's triple-A affiliate at Rochester, New York and then was quickly released after that.

Michael's end with Minnesota made room for his beginning here in Binghamton at the Double-A level. The lead-off hitter struggled in the beginning of the season with the Rumble Ponies, but is starting to find his consistency. 

It's certainly crazy to think that he started this journey seven years ago, was a first round pick and here he is at the double-A level. Exhausting? You would think so. However, Michael likes to look at it in a more positive light.

"It's made me mentally stronger and I think that will actually play to my advantage in the long run because now I know how to deal with the hardships and the failures that come along with the sport, so hopefully that mentality will keep me more consistent" said Michael. 

"They say trust the process, if I go up there every day and I have a good plan, good approach and keep it simple, you know I can't control a lot of times where it goes or whether they make the play or not" said Michael.