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Bethann Shapiro Ord Emphasizes Family Culture At Binghamton

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Bethann Shapiro Ord was officially introduced Binghamton University's Women's basketball head coach The Rochester native expressed her passion and excitement in looking forward to her journey here at Binghamton. Ord emphasized how important chemistry and having a family culture is going to be for this program.

"All my players are going to know that it's about family, it's not just talking it, it's being apart of it" said Ord.

"The biggest thing is always focusing forward, you try and do the best you can do every day and try to be better every day."

Ord comes from Weber state where she turned a losing team into a winning team over the last seven years. However, Binghamton just came off of a historic season and therefore it's a little different.

"Well it's a little different, when I got there it was not nearly what we have here because I was taking over a program that hadn't won for a long time" said Ord.

When talking about the game she is going to bring to Binghamton, Ord stated. "I love up tempo, I love to score points, typically I am a defensive minded coach but if you wanna win you need to score buckets."

The three Ramil sisters were the only players at Ord's introductory press conference. Binghamton natives, Junior Olivia Ramil and Senior Jodi-Marie Ramil both left Georgetown University to come play at Binghamton University this upcoming season. Their sister and incoming freshman Annie Ramil will also be playing alongside her sisters as a Bearcat. Rumors speculated months ago that a big reason the sister wanted to play for Binghamton was because of former head coach Linda Cimino.

"You just have to do what's best for you and I completely understand and we are very excited for this next chapter in our playing careers and I can say that as a team as a whole, we are very excited" Sais Jodi-Marie Ramil.