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Vestal Special Election: Voters Approve New Fire Station

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Residents in Vestal have approved the purchase of land for a new fire station. 

At the special election in Vestal on Tuesday, 377 residents voted to approve the resolution and 88 voted against it.

Since it passed $612,500 will be spent to acquire three acres at 118 Jensen Road. That's the former site of the American Legion Post 89 behind Kohls.

The new station would replace Fire Station #4 on the Vestal Parkway. Town Supervisor John Schaffer says the station is out of date and also poses safety hazards for firefighters responding to emergencies. Moving it on to Jensen Road eliminates u-turns.

"I think it will be less dangerous. A lot of our calls go to the right at the bottom of Jensen, we can make an easier turn. Our firefighters responding don't have to go on the parkway, up half a mile, whip a u-turn to come back. So it's a whole bunch of safety factors," says Schaffer.