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Republican Dennis Ede to Run for Town of Union Supervisor

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A Town of Union man has thrown his name into the mix for Supervisor, going head to head with Republican opponent Frank Bertoni.

Dennis Ede is a rookie in politics, but grew up in the area and decided he wanted to make a difference in his hometown.

“I’m running on creating jobs, prosperity, protecting our schools. I want to make sure nothing ever happens in one of these schools that we’ve had tragedies across the United States. Putting a cop in schools and steel gates is not the right answer.”

Ede said he’s frustrated with the current Town administration, and that’s what fueled his decision to run.

The Republican said he has spent his life doing things for his community and hopes voters give him the chance to continue.

“I put my own resources, my own time, my own dedication. I have a proven track record. Somebody who was not paid, and not a politician, getting things done in this town. I’m going to continue to do that, only this time I’m gonna be on the inside.”

Fox 40 reached out to Frank Bertoni for comment but did not receive a response. Frank Palmisano is running as a Democrat for the Supervisor seat.