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Local High School Seniors Recognized For Achievements

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25 high school seniors from all across Broome and Tioga County were recognized Wednesday for their achievements at Broome-Tioga BOCES.

“This is our 21st event and we hold this event every year to recognize students from every district in Broome and Tioga county. We do this so we can recognize students and see what they’ve done in regards to schools to careers. Students who are working while they’re in school and they’re focusing on a certain area for their careers so they’re ready for a career or for their education when they get out of school," said Melinda Russell, Executive Director of School to Careers.

19 high school seniors from each school district in the two counties were selected and given the 'Glass Apple Outstanding Student' award. Another six high schoolers were awarded scholarships. Four of the six students received the BAE Systems STEM Advancement scholarships. The other two received a Youth Apprentice Scholarship and the Dave Twomey Career Development Scholarship.

According to Russell, about 80 students submitted applications for the awards and scholarships. With only 25 spots, the decision was not easy.

"Its so difficult because so many of the students that apply they’re all great students with you know great grades, great essays, we really try to look at what they’ve done to work towards their career or towards the area so if its for STEM, what has the student done, are they going to camp, are they volunteering, are they doing internships, so students who are really going above and beyond," said Russell.

Devyn Dellapenta is a Vestal High School senior who was nominated for the Outstanding Student award. She said Wednesday's recognition ceremony can inspire more students to follow the same path.

“it’s important because it recognizes students, it’s like ‘hey you’re doing a good job keep it up, you’re really benefiting,' and there are a lot of other kids that are coming up that can look up to you like 'wow, they can do this maybe I’ll have the same opportunity that they do'," said Dellapenta.