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Broome County Regional Farmers Market Now Open Tuesdays

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The Broome County Regional Farmers Market is now open an extra day during the week for the summer months.

Every Tuesday until August 28th, fresh, local items will be sold to Broome County residents, encouraging people to shop local.

“It’s another day after work, you can come, get ready to eat food items. We’ve got some food trucks here, different things from Saturday’s.” - Amy Willis, Farm Market Manager

While Saturday’s at the market consist mostly of fresh produce, Tuesday’s will feature more arts and craft and specialty items.

“It’s a little bit more crafty, some homemade condiments, a lot more maple products and the food trucks.” -  - Amy Willis, Farm Market Manager

Two artists that are adding another day of business are Joseph and Marissa Brennan. They own J&M Wax Works, a homemade, natural candle company. They sell three different sized candles, as well as wax melts and scent sticks. They currently have 25 scents to choose from.

“We’re usually home working, anytime we can get out there and sell and talk to people we jump right on the opportunity.”

The Johnson City couple began their business two and a half years ago after they decided they wanted to do something together, that was hands-on. Marissa said they wanted to showcase Joseph’s artistic talents as well. They’ve been selling their candles at Saturday’s farmers market for the past year.

“We said, hey, I wonder if we could sell these if people would be interested in them. And they were right off the bat! So, pretty soon it became, ‘Can you make this scent for us? Can you do one like this?’ and now we have over 25 different scents.”

Although the Brennan’s are just one business out of dozens at the farmers market, they say their business is booming, and they owe it all to the market.

“The Farmers Market has been our number one outlet, not just for us being here, but as well as to get the word out around town. We’ve gotten in many stores because of it and we’re very grateful.”

The Broome County Regional Farmers Market features 32 vendors on Tuesdays from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. until August 28th and 45 vendors on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. year round. For more information on the market, click here. For more information on J&M Wax Works, click here.