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Chenango Bridge Elementary Listens to the Sounds of the World

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A professional musician and educator visited Chenango Bridge Elementary, Tuesday, performing with dozens of instruments from around the world to the entire fifth grade class.

Jamie Hogetsu Orfanella has been using instruments like the Japanese shakuhachi flute and Australian didgeridoo to educate and entertain students for many years. And hopes that the young girls and boys who hear his music will develop a love for it, just like he did.

"Pretty much my entire life has been music. Spreading this, especially world music that people don't know about, and bringing it to younger and younger students really opens their minds to sounds that they don't hear anywhere else," said Jamie Hogetsu Orfanella.

Connecting music with education, Orfanella teaches a class in a Pennsylvania high school. Using his knowledge of the different countries' cultures that he has studied by experiencing the lifestyles first-hand, Orfanella uses his skills as a musician to link the world's various social and artistic difference he shared in his studies.

"I try to involve my instruments like, 'This week we are going to study the music of Japan, then we'll do Asia.' I even have ancient European instruments," said Orfanella.