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"Ladies of Lisle": Historical Marker Unveiled

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Several events are set to take place this weekend in the Village of Lisle and kicking those off on Friday, was the unveiling of a historical marker.

Residents and local leaders gathered at the Old Village Hall, to celebrate the "Ladies of Lisle", the first women to vote in New York State. 

After the unveiling, they were able to get a look at the original ballot box where the "Ladies of Lisle" first cast their votes 100 years ago. And on their ballots where votes if the town should approve the sale of alcohol. 

At the reception, was Jim Vollertsen, the grandson of Florence Chauncey, who was the first woman to cast her vote in NYS. He said the news was remarkable and overwhelming for the entire family. No one had a clue until he got a call from Historian, Roger Luther last Fall.

"I couldn't believe she was the woman who marched down the street and did it.. it wasn't something we could picture my grandmother doing," said Vollertsen. 

One thing he does remember, she asked him if he voted and he told her he did. Vollertsen said her response was good, we fought for that. He said he was very close to his grandmother, she passed away in 1986. 

A celebration reception will also take place on Saturday, for anyone who missed it on Friday. Self-guided walking tours are also available of the village and can be done year round. The historical marker was first displayed in February, but couldn't be installed at the location due to the gold weather and the hard frozen ground.