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Burglars Targeting Homes On The Market on Binghamton's Southside

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Vacant Homes Targeted For Copper Vacant Homes Targeted For Copper

Binghamton police are investigating a string of burglaries of vacant homes with "For Sale" signs on the southwest side of the city.

In a week's time, Police say burglars cut copper pipes or wiring from homes on Vestal Avenue, Sherwood Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue and Mill Street. While they happened at different times of the day, police say most involved a forced entry of the back door or window.

As Binghamton patrol officers and detectives investigate the break-ins, residents are being asked to keep an eye on nearby properties that may be unoccupied or have a "For Sale" sign up.

All residents are encouraged to report suspicious activity, persons or vehicles. Anyone with information should call the Binghamton Police Detective Division at 607-772-7080.