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Town of Maine Submits Application to Help Fund Natural Gas Line

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The Town of Maine has submitted an application to Broome County’s Small Community Fund, hoping to bring natural gas to the hamlet.

Broome County Executive Jason Garnar made the announcement Friday morning, saying the Town has been attempting to bring natural gas to the area for over ten years.

The line would be nearly 12,000 feet long, running between Shadowbrook Road and Maine Memorial Elementary School. It would continue before the school on Route 26 to Church Street to Maple Street, then onto Lewis Street and to the end of McGregor Road.

Many businesses are located on that stretch, and officials say it’s a win for all.

“I’ve talked to the restaurant owners, and they are ready and willing to tap into it for the energy savings for heating their businesses, and for cooking, and all of the things above. Most Holy Rosary, we’ve been chomping on the bit trying to save money for the fuel costs at the church, and I teach at Maine Memorial School, so it’s a savings that benefits every single person in the Town of Maine.” - Jim Tokos, Town of Maine Supervisor

The total cost of the project is $950,000, and the Town is requesting $60,000 from the fund.

The application must now be approved by the Hotel-Motel Committee, then drafted into a resolution for the Legislature to consider.

“This is really a win, win, win. It’s a win for the Town of Maine, it’s a win for economic development, not just here but in Broome County, because as economic development happens in Maine, it helps Broome County as well. It’s a win for businesses, and it’s definitely a win for the residents of the Town of Maine.” - Broome County Executive Jason Garnar