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Keishorea Armstrong

Keishorea Armstrong

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The sports teams at Binghamton University have mostly all packed their bags for the summer, however, track and field star Keishorea Armstrong is not one of those people. Some people may remember when Armstrong was the first female athlete to ever advance to a NCAA Division I meet for the indoor long jump after breaking Binghamton University's school record last outdoor season. This year she was also named Most Outstanding Field Athlete at America East Outdoor Meet. But, ironically, her passion for track and field came a lot later than most people would expect.

Although Armstrong didn't realize until her junior year of high school that track and field was her calling, she's learned a lot throughout the sport in the short time. "You have to have confidence in order to do your best and trust in yourself.... there's a lot of respect and a lot of values that track and field have instilled in me that I'm very grateful for." Said Armstrong.

A lot of the times when seeing athletes perform at a high level, people assume they've been doing it their entire life. However, some people are blessed with natural athleticism and Keishorea Armstrong is one of those people. Before falling in love with track and field, her first love was tennis, simply because she grew up playing it and was taught by her father. Although her dad is happy for her and the success she has had, he still wishes she stuck with tennis.

"He wasn't the happiest because he would have most definitely preferred if I went for tennis, but he's been a lot more supportive now since I've been making it and really succeeding." Said Armstrong

Keishorea will head to the NCAA East Regional meet in Tampa Florida from May 24-26.