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Established Local Musicians Combine Talents For New Sound

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Three established musicians are pooling their talents to create a new sound. The band is called FC3 and it's made up of some familiar names from the local music scene.

Joe Stento, a Binghamton music teacher by day, plays harmonica, guitar and vocals, while Benny Fiacco, longtime member of Frostbit Blue, is on the bass. Drummer Todd Russell adds a beat.

"It's a fun band. No pressure," says Fiacco.

The three band-mates started playing together in December, forming a mix of what Stento describes as "soul, rock, blues."

"I bring the blues bit," says Fiacco, "Joe brings in the soul and then Todd brings actually reggae."

For local music lovers, it's a treat to see what happens when three musicians with decades of experience combine their strengths to create something fresh and new. 

"It's just a good mix," says Stento.

Fans have been asking what the name FC3 stands for. The band says, even they aren't sure, it just had a nice ring to it. Stento says they've joked that it could be Freezing Cold 3 since the group formed in the bitter cold winter.