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Boys & Girls Club of Binghamton Gets Big Check

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A program that helps a hundred kids a day with their homework just received a helping hand as well.

Excellus BlueCross BlueShield presented a $4000 check to the Boys & Girls Club of Binghamton Thursday for the organization's ‘Power Hour’ homework program.

‘Power Hour’ offers unprivileged kids ages 5 to 18 extra attention and help on their homework and assignments after school hours. Club staff and volunteers help Club members complete their homework, study for tests, and prepare them for the next school day.

"Our mission is to help children, especially those who need it most and when we get a donation like this we’re able to do more. We’re able to put in more effort, we’re able to help more children so it’s going to go a long ways,” said Marybeth Smith, Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Club of Binghamton.

The $4000 Excellus BCBS Community Health Award will help over 100 kids a day, and over 400 this year.

“One thing that I’m really excited about is that they’ll get more books because personally it feels like I’ve read every book that’s interesting here, so I keep rereading the same books unless i miraculously find a new one,” said Elliot Cosme, a Club member and fourth grader at Woodrow Wilson School.

Smith said the money will be used for staffing and supplies, including paper, pencils, and, of course, books.