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HealthlinkNY Launches "Business HIRE" To Help Substance Abusers in the Workforce

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HealthlinkNY has launched a new initiative to help substance abusers in the workforce.

Business HIRE, which stands for Helping In Recovery Efforts, provides employers with the tools and resources needed to support employees who might be struggling with addiction.

The initiative kicked off its first meeting Wednesday at the Owego Treadway. Nearly 50 employers were in attendance from across the Southern Tier.

“We recognize that addiction is a disease that affects all of us, and recovery’s a process that all of us have a role to play in. So we’re working with local employers to kind of talk about what they can do to support individuals in recovery.” - Phillip Ginter, HealthlinkNY Regional Director of Community Initiatives

The event included a panel discussion and a presentation on legal issues, drug testing, and workplace policies.

“According to a national study last year, about 10% of the current workforce between the ages of 18 and 64 are actually suffering or have experienced a substance use disorder in the past year. So we know it’s an issue that’s impacting workplaces.” - Phillip Ginter, HealthlinkNY Regional Director of Community Initiatives

Employers looking for more information on Business HIRE can contact Phillip Ginter from HealthlinkNY at 607-651-9150 or by email at pginter@healthlinkny.com.