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Union-Endicott Baseball Clinches Win Over Vestal

Union-Endicott Baseball Clinches Win Over Vestal

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High school sports are slowly coming to an end, but for some teams the STAC playoffs are on the line. The Union-Endicott Tigers lead their division with a record of 11-3 after defeating Vestal today. Vestal is right behind them at No.2 and after today's loss are 9-4 on the season. Therefore, this game was a big one for the Golden Bears.

Vestal's sacrifice fly to center field put the Golden Bears on the board as Devon Brown was brought in from third and Vestal led 1-0 in the top of the third.

Vestal's starting pitcher Dom Dirado kept the Tigers scoreless throughout the first six innings. Unfortunately, the Tigers were able to make a come back defeating Vestal 3-2 in extra innings.