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Sacred Sites Tour Explores Religion In The Southern Tier

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The annual Sacred Sites Tour opened the doors to the Southern Tier’s most cherished houses of worship this Sunday. Curious guests learned about the history and culture behind 24 religious sites through open house tours.

Trinity Memorial Episcopal Church on Main Street gained potential congregants from the tour and encouraged their current parishioners to explore other houses of worship. Over 75 visitors admired stained glass windows, and learned about their First Friday Candlelight services.

Jeffery Fellows, grounds manager for the church, said he hopes that people enjoyed the church and came away with more knowledge about Episcopalian traditions.

“I think for any downtown church, when you’re able to open up your church like the tours here, it’s a blessing to have people come in and wonder at the beautiful sight, the architecture, the stained glass. Everything that’s in the church adds to the ambiance that you’re experiencing. It’s great to have them come in and experience a little bit of the music or the organ playing.” - Jeffery Fellows, Trinity Memorial Church

Other houses of worship included St. Patrick’s Church in Binghamton, the Islamic Organization of the Southern Tier, and the Sacred Heart Ukrainian Church in Johnson City.

“It all benefits their experience here. It gives them a glimpse of what other churches are about and what they have to offer.” - Jeffery Fellows, Trinity Memorial Church