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First 'World Night Market' Embraces Binghamton's Cultural Diversity

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Thousands of people headed to the Martin Luther King Promenade Friday night for the first ever World Night Market.

This is the first time Binghamton has held an international street market.

From 5 p.m. to midnight, guests enjoyed music, food, art, and entertainment from all over the world. Close to 100 local restaurants, artists, and entertainers came together to showcase their culture and traditions.

“It’s a bazaar type market that is meant for everybody to just enjoy and have fun,” said Event Director Cynthia Rotella.

“Fun is mandatory, so it looks like everybody is really enjoying themselves.”
— Cynthia Rotella, Event Coordinator

There were over 14 performances, including the Children’s Choir, Mosaic Foundation and KASA Moda and 21 restaurants who participated.

Vendors were swarmed with customers checking out what they had to offer.

 “It’s been constant a really nice flow. It’s really crowded and a great turnout so far,” said Gina Minichino, co-owner of Little Venice Restaurant.

Founded by EatBing and the Culinary Tourism Alliance of Binghamton, the World Night Market is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support, showcase, and embrace the city’s different cultures and traditions.

We think this is a great city and we want people to come from inside the city and outside the city.”