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Firm Looks At Possible Redevelopment Of Former BAE Systems Site

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Vacant since it was flooded in 2011, the former BAE Systems site in Westover is one step closer to redevelopment.

With $200,000 in federal grant money, Elan Planning, Design, and Landscape Architecture firm has been hired to conduct a study of the site.

The firm will be looking at a few things:

  • What are the current conditions of the site?
  • What are the market demands? What would do well here, and what does the community want?
  • The cost of getting this shovel ready.
  • Identifying any contaminated areas of the site.

“Our job is to blend all of that together and come up with that highest and best use, one that is accepted in the market, is accepted through the environmental constraints, and is accepted by as broad a consensus as we can get in the community," says Robert Holzman, Senior Project Manager at Elan.

A main concern is preventing flooding on the site in the future. 

“How we might be able to mitigate that in the future, that has to be a key consideration because whatever future development has to be flood resistant," says Lisa Nagle, Principal with Elan.

Last year, the site was cleaned up to commercial and residential standards. Town of Union Supervisor Rose Sotak said this was to open up the most possibilities for future use of the 27 acre site. 

"It's a 27-acre blank canvas," says Nagle.

BAE Systems and the 1,200 employees who worked at the plant were forced from the property after the flood, but the building sat for another five years until it was torn down in 2016.

The property was previously owned by the Air Force, but earlier this year, they signed the title over to The Agency.