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Volunteers Clean Up Liberty Street

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Dozens of people spent their Saturday morning cleaning up Liberty Street in Binghamton. Directly across from the community garden was a vacant lot, used as a dump.

Residents cleared over 20 bags of trash, 30 tires and the hood of a car from the site to make room for a new garden. Volunteers Improving Neighborhood Environments (VINES) led the clean-up along with residents and members of the Lee Barta Community Center.

Amelia LoDolce, director of VINES, said the location has the potential to add to VINE’s growing collection of community gardens.

“Liberty Street is one of my favorite parts of Binghamton because I love the people here. They are invested in making change in their neighborhood and there’s a lot that we can do when we come together here.” - Amelia LoDolce, Director of VINES

VINES currently has 12 community gardens and one urban farm, but plans to expand to 20 by the year 2020. Residents on Liberty Street have applied to have their neighborhood house one of these gardens.

“We’re right across the street from a community garden that sells out fresh produce every year. The neighborhood’s really invested in the garden. We have great leadership from the neighbors in the community. If the neighborhood leadership is there, we can make it happen and it will be a successful project.” - Amelia LoDolce, Director of VINES