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SUNY Broome's Open House Draws Hundreds

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Nearly 1,000 prospective students attended SUNY Broome’s Open House this Saturday. Students toured the campus, talked with faculty, and explored financial aid options.

President of SUNY Broome, Kevin E. Drumm, said that students will gain a better understanding of the many opportunities at the college.

“Community college is a great choice to help you figure out what you want to do with your college education and maybe your career. You really can’t get a better start.” - President Kevin E. Drumm

SUNY Broome boasts students that range in age. Roughly 40% of the student body is over 21 years of age and one graduate this year is 70 years old. Additionally, the college draws students from all over the country and the world.

“The student community here is indescribable. Because it’s every type of student and person you can imagine attends this community college. Community colleges are the most diverse colleges in the nation and that’s one of the great aspects of being a community college student.” - President Kevin E. Drumm

With roughly 50 majors to choose from, Drumm said SUNY Broome is somewhere he would like his son to go.

“I’m a dad today, like a lot of folks who are bringing their children here. The faculty here and the people that provide support outside of class are just fantastic.” - President Kevin E. Drumm