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Blaze Pizza Celebrates Grand Opening with Free Pizza Day

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Blaze Pizza has officially opened its doors in Vestal and celebrated its grand opening with Free Pizza Day.

Lines were wrapped around the parking lot Friday, with the free pizza offer ending at 9 PM. 

The California based chain opened in 2011 and is now quickly spreading to new locations across the country, with the Vestal location at 3714 Vestal Parkway East.

An assembly line of pizza-makers puts your choice of toppings on your pie, and you follow it until it’s put in the open-flame oven.

Many who attended had never been to a Blaze Pizza before and loved the concept.

“Oh my god it’s amazing, it’s just the greatest thing especially today since it’s free. But to be able to build your own pizza like this and put any toppings on it is the best so I love it.” - David Feldfogel, Blaze first timer

“I’m excited cause it’s a cool location, and it’s well, first of all, it’s free for today, and if it’s good I’m gonna keep coming back.” - Matt Sciarrino, Blaze first timer

Blaze currently employs 40 people, but because of their quick popularity, they plan on hiring more.

“It’s a great concept that nobody knew about. It’s a great town, it’s a very close community. There’s good pizza here, but we figured hey why don’t we give it a shot.” - Melvin Quintanilla, Area Manager of Blaze Pizza Vestal

The restaurant expects to make nearly 2,000 free pizzas for their opening day.