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Binghamton Man Wins $1 Million After Reinvesting $5 Scratch-Off Winnings

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A Binghamton man hit the $1 million jackpot after reinvesting his earnings on a $5 scratch-off ticket last month.

Tim Emmons was awarded the check Thursday afternoon at the Mirabito on Park Avenue in Binghamton.

The 61-year-old stopped by the convenience store in March to grab a water after church. He then purchased four tickets, only winning $5 from the “88 Fortune” scratch-off.

Later, he used that money to purchase more of the same tickets, eight in total, four for him and four for his family.

One of his four ended up being the golden ticket.

“It was a lot of denial, I didn’t believe it and then it started to sink in that I had a big one here.”

While it wasn’t one of his family’s tickets that ended up being the winning one, Emmons plans to use his money to make the lives of his seven children better with the cash.

“You start thinking about how can I do more for people, and how can I help, because that’s my nature. I know I need to help people and there are some in my family. First charity begins at home so that’s where I’m headed.”

Before helping his kids, Emmons and his wife, Lorraine, are planning to go on a cruise. The couple recently celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary.

Emmons works for Lockheed Martin and said he has no plans to retire just yet. He spends his free time as the keyboardist and vocalist in the Irish band, “Old Friends”.

After taxes, he will have $537,440 deposited into his bank account.

Yolanda Vega from the New York Lottery said the Mirabito stores have seen a large number of winners and said the chain might just have a lucky streak.

“They’re the friendliest, most wholesome, funnest group of stores and it’s just a lucky place Mirabito. I’ve been working this job over 28 years, and Tim is probably the average winner.”

Vega added that it’s the people that play every once in a while, like Emmons, who plays once a month, who end up winning big.

“Not every person who wins is that every day in the store kind of winner. Tim is a great example of that. He just felt that this 88 Fortunes was his ticket to ride and it was.”