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Meet the Future Business Leaders of America

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Well-dressed businessmen and businesswomen zipping around a packed lobby for a conference. Not an uncommon sight until you realize the sharply dressed ranged from 15 to 18 years of age.

The Future Business Leaders of America Conference brought to Binghamton over 600 high school students from across 64 schools in New York State. So many, they used conference space in two hotels, the Double Tree and the Holiday Inn.

The largest business organization in the world with over 230,000 members, the FBLA held competitions on all things business - from interviewing, to public speaking, presentations, financial skills, critical analysis and more. Winners in the statewide rounds will make it to nationals.

Thomas Mueller, NYS FBLA board of trustees vice-chair said the organization helps the students immensely, not just in high school, but throughout their lives.

"FBLA can make or break a student. It's absolutely imperative that we offer this opportunity to students. It gives them opportunities to build up enthusiasm, for going out into the business world, for honing their skills. It helps them develop a sense of confidence that they're going to take with them not only throughout high school, but every job and situation they go into. They will be building better communities because of the skills that they learned in FBLA." - Mueller

They also held chapter elections. Students were running for office to represent their respective high schools in top organizational positions, as well as for a position in FBLA itself.

One of them, a fencer who taught herself English by reading the dictionary, is running to represent Nassau and Suffolk counties.

"we're a very diverse two districts, Nassau and Suffolk, so someone needed to represent it. and instead of thinking of someone, i said it must be me. so i took that roll and i feel like through all my lifetime, it's taught me leadership, confidence" - Safiyyah Savage, Valley Stream Central High School.

A Manhattanite is going big running for FBLA NYS president. He gave Fox 40 News a winning elevator pitch.

"My name is Nicholas Imam. My three goals are to increase membership, increase interstate chapter communication and to increase the resources given to each chapter. I think you should vote for me because I bring a unique perspective, not only as an FBLA competitor, but also as a chapter founder and having to overcome those obstacles in forming a new chapter." - Nicholas Imam, Loyola High School

This was the first time the Future Business Leaders of America came to Binghamton and organizers liked the centralized location for students to gather.

Contest and election results can be found at this link.