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Man Convicted Of Weapons Charges

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A Broome County Jury Wednesday found Amin A. Rashid guilty on two weapons and perjury charges. As a persistent violent felony offender, Rashid now faces a minimum sentence of 16 years to life in prison, and a maximum of 28 years to life, when he is sentenced June 7th.

Rashid was arrested by Binghamton Police on September 7th, 2017, for unlawfully possessing a loaded .38
caliber revolver, at 99 Oak Street, in the City of Binghamton.

In October 2017, Rashid falsely testified under oath, in a Broome County Grand Jury proceeding. A second
Grand Jury later indicted Rashid for perjury.

“Lying violent criminals have no place in Broome County,” said District Attorney Steve Cornwell. “Amin
Rashid has lived a life of crime, and he will now spend at least 16 years -- potentially the rest of his life -- in