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It's Homemade: Jada Hill Farm

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In this weeks It's Homemade segment we are giving you an inside look at Jada Hill Farm, in Deposit. They are a family-friendly farm and they use milk from their goats to make a variety of homemade quality products.

"We were moving up here to retire, but we work harder than we did when we weren't retired," said the co-owner of Jada Hill Farm. Dawn and John Alfano are the owners of Jada Hill Farm, they relocated from Westchester County to Deposit.

When they first purchased the property they both said they weren't sure what they were going to do with all of it. Their farm extends over 50 acres, and after all of their research, they decided on goats! 

Right now they have 16 goats, with even a few babies on the way. And with all of these goats, they are using their milk to make and sell a variety of goat milk products. 

“We do lip balms, healing, pain relievers, shampoos and conditioners, and our soaps and creams sell the most," said Dawn.
She said they don’t milk them for the first couple week’s after they have their babies because the let the babies have it. But once the babies are six weeks old they are separated from their moms at night so they can be milked and then they are reunited in the morning. 

“We take some of the milk and we freeze it to make soap or some of our products," said Dawn. She said it was a lot of trial and error, that they first gave their friends and family members samples of their soaps with a critique sheet. They would write down what they liked, disliked, and any suggestions they had. 

Something they are known for is their one of a kind special signature scent. 

“Our signature flavor is our goat farts, it was named by our granddaughter she wanted something that was going to be known and make people remember us by, and make people laugh," said Dawn.

Today they are rotating nearly 60 fragrances of the soaps and creams, but they will only make them in small batches. They make them in small batches to ensure the quality of them. A full batch of soap is 64 bars, they won't go any larger than that. 

Quality and family friendliness is Jada Hill Farm’s specialty.
“We love when people come and bring their kids, and see the goats," said Dawn.

You can visit their website to place any orders, or stop by their farm for a tour, and check out their farm store to see all of their products. They will also be participating in the Broome County Farm Trail on May 5 and 6.