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Prosecutors Paints Grisly Picture Of Oxford Murder

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The Chenango County District Attorney took jurors back to September 2016, describing a bloody pursuit between Jeremy Coates and victim David Green. They say Coates and his girlfriend at the time, Melissa Crispell, broke into Green's home to rob him, and Coates struck him over the head killing him in his own living room. 

The content of the trial for Jeremy Coates is so graphic, the judge had to restrict what jurors could see. Presiding judge Frank Revoir instructed the prosecution not to show any images of the injuries to Green's head, instead they showed photos of blood spattered rooms and the soaked rug where Green's body was found. 

Authorities say Coates went into a viscous attack, beating Green with a 75 pound stone tabletop, a metal ashtray, a decorative battleaxe, and a hammer. All those weapons were found covered in the victim's blood. 

District Attorney Joseph McBride with the stone slab (murder weapon) wrapped in an evidence envelope.

Friends of Green say he was a veteran of the Air Force and his time in the service took its toll on his health. They testified that he was "childlike" and people often took advantage of him. 

Investigators say Coates and Crispell knew David Green, Crispell living just across the street. Back in May, Crispell pleaded guilty to first degree robbery in exchange for testifying against Coates. In opening statements for this trial, the defense said it was Crispell who killed Green, not Coates. Public defender John Cameron told jurors that Crispell had a motive, owing Green money, and it was her fingerprints, not Coates', that were found at the crime scene. 

Prosecutors say Green's body was found on September 26th, but the break-in and murder happened on the night of September 23rd. Testimony will continue Wednesday in Chenango County Court.