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It's Homemade: Sue Garing Honey

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Were going to Kirkwood in this weeks It's Homemade, and introducing you to the Owner and Beekeeper of Sue Garing Honey.
Her products are homegrown, raw, pure, and they are pretty sweet!

“They don’t collect honey for us, they collect it for their own purposes," said the Owner and Beekeeper, Sue Garing. She has been selling honey for over ten years and the reason she started is right in her yard.

“Right outside the door here we have a lot of fruit trees and we weren’t getting good pollination so we bought a couple of hives of bees and two became four and four became eight," said Garing.  

The bees are active for about six months of the year, but right now things are a little quiet due to the colder temperatures, however, Sue herself is a busy bee, checking on them to make sure they are healthy for the season.

“First thing in the spring we are checking on the health of the bees and were trying to guess whether they are strong or weak and what kind of help they need that's the keeping part of the beekeeping," said Garing. 

But in just a few weeks the bees will be out and then Sue will be able to collect those boxes of honey.  She said it takes her about a week to collect the honey which might be as many as about 100 boxes and then she will process. That processing entails scrapping the natural cover off of the honey and putting them into a spinner that will then drain into buckets.

When some think of honey you might be thinking of the one and only traditional honey flavor,  but nope there is more.   

“Typically we have our spring honey, a basswood, a summer honey, which is mostly a clover and then we have our goldenrod honey and a knotweed honey which we separate by hives those are our principal ones… but once in a while, we can sneak something else in," said Garing.

Although you might not see bee’s out just yet-- due to the cold they’ll be out making honey soon, especially some knotweed.

You can find her local raw honey at the Broome County Farmers Market, the Taste NY store, or visit her website