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Presidential Stamp Of Approval: Greene Man Receives 'Thank You' For Handmade Broom

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Walking into the Route 12 workshop, Alan Williamson greets me like an old friend, excited to share the news. He's received a letter from the White House thanking him for the handmade broom he sent to President Trump. 

The letter Alan Williamson received from the White House.

Last time I spoke with Al, he was getting ready to ship the one-of-a-kind patriotic broom down to D.C. Now, he knows for certain it survived the journey. Williamson waited a month to hear back, getting the letter when he returned from vacation.

"It was a great big postal box and I set it on the floor to go through it," says Williamson, "I yelled, 'Jeanette, Jeanette! I got a letter from the president!'"

The "Presidential Broom" Williamson sent to President Trump in February.

Williamson, self-proclaimed Jack of all trades, master of none, makes just about anything you can think of. Ropes, socks, clocks, shoe laces, and shingles to name a few, but it's his brooms that got him national recognition. Congresswoman Claudia Tenney name-dropped Al on the House floor and sent him a copy of her remarks. Those were also in the postal box, along with a second note from Tenney. 

Alan Williamson received a letter from the White House thanking him for the handmade, patriotic broom.

"She sent me an envelope for a donation," says Williamson, laughing out loud. 

All jokes aside, Al says he's happy to have gotten something back. He's also seen a dramatic increase in demand for patriotic brooms.

"I've got seven orders so far," says Williamson.

He won't get rich off of it, but it's enough to keep the man behind "Fit To Be Tied Shoe Laces" and the "Sock-It-To-Me" sock business busy until his next venture.