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Binghamton High School Freshman Wins Mother's Day Art Competition

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Binghamton High School freshman Madison MacBlane won the second annual Mothers & Babies Perinatal Network's Mother's Day card design competition.

Mother & Babies presented MacBlane with a $50 gift card for beating out 40 submissions to win the contest.

The card will be used to support Mothers & Babies' services for mothers-to-be, like prenatal programs, teen pregnancy prevention and insurance assistance.

For a $25 donation, the organization will send a loved one a personalized Mother's Day card with MacBlane's design. 

"We invite people to make a donation to our organization for any one of our dedicated programs and through that donation, we will actually send a personalized card to the important woman in their life, whether it's their mom, their aunts, their sister, whomever is that important woman they want to recognize." - Sharon Chesna, Executive Director at Mothers & Babies Perinatal Network.

MacBlane said she drew the flowers with markers and then scanned them onto Photoshop, where she finalized the design.

Last year the organization received 500 requests for the personalized cards.

"This year we hope to double it" - Madison McClellan, Binghamton High School Freshman