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Local Chocolatier Gearing Up For Easter

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When it comes to spending, Americans are serious about Easter. The holiday has become a $14.6B industry, where $2B is spent on candy alone.

According to TopCashBack.com, the chocolate bunny is America's favorite Easter treat. And with the holiday this weekend, one local chocolatier is getting ready.

Chocolates By Leopold makes their own hand-crafted chocolate bunnies. Owner and chocolatier Leopold Shreiber says demand is high for these treats. His shop in Montrose makes and sells thousands of chocolate bunnies for Easter.

Schreiber says making the chocolate bunnies is a process. After the chocolate is melted, Schreiber said each bunny needs to be molded then remolded at the right temperature. Once the mold settles, he then starts designing each bunny by hand. He says each bunny could take up to an hour to make and design.

Schreiber not only hand-crafts chocolate bunnies, but other easter treats.

“We have foil eggs, chocolate foil eggs, peanut butter eggs, large peanut butter eggs… We have marshmallow eggs caramel eggs, vanilla creme eggs. And we also have orange carrots which is white chocolate colored orange with a little green stem on it," said Schreiber.

Schreiber has been making chocolate since he was 12 years old. Eleven years ago, his dream came true when he opened his first chocolate factory and store in Binghamton before moving it to Montrose in 2005. He eventually opened up two more stores - one in Boalsburg, PA and another in Johnson City, NY.