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Elementary School Students Hold Clothing Drive for Local Volunteers of America

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A car-full of clothes is making its way to help seven local families today - all thanks to one fourth grader in Endicott, N.Y.

Fourth grader Chancellor McFarlane just wanted people to have things like he does.

“I had this idea so kids who don’t have stuff could feel like they have something,” said the 9-year-old McFarlane.

He got the idea to start a school clothing drive after talking to his mother about her work for Volunteers of America. From there, it was about getting his fellow Thomas J. Watson Elementary School classmates onboard.

He wrote a persuasive essay for class on the importance of holding a clothing drive, then presented it to the principal and the school’s student government. They approved.

"We liked the idea, so we sent out a letter to all the families,” said Fynn, a fifth grade student government representative.

In just one week, they received 10 bagfuls of clothes donated to their cause.

Teachers and the principal here at Thomas J. Watson Elementary we’re proud to help the students with the drive, but who was really impressed was McFarlane's mom, Danielle Garrick.

“By him taking this initiative, it shows me that he’s aware of things that are going on in the world around him, he’s aware that people are in need, he's aware that there are those that are less fortunate that he can always help out and do his best to provide for them," said Garrick, a Volunteers of America program manager in Binghamton, N.Y.

Now the needs of as many as 56 people will be fulfilled thanks to these local fourth and fifth graders.

Asked why they like to help people, Alex, who's also in the student government and in Chancellor's class said, "Because we think it's the right thing to do," while the others nodded in agreement.