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Whitney Point Sports Association Hosts 4th Annual ‘Cabin Fever Black Powder Gun Show’

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Nearly 200 people attended the Whitney Point Sports Association's Cabin Fever Black Powder Gun Show this Saturday. The show attracted vendors from the Southern Tier and Central New York.

As a policy, the show featured only primitive firearms which include black powder pistols, flint locks, and percussion rifles. George Tirpok, program director of the Whitney Point Sports Association's Black Powder Program, said the show commemorates historical weapons, particularly those of the Daniel Boone pioneering era.

“We don’t have modern day shooters here like what you see on the news today. That we don’t allow. We’re strictly primitive,” said Tirpok.

Some visitors wore traditional pioneer dress and donned feather caps, buckskin pants, and hunting knives. Vendors also sold hatchets, bear traps, and specialty knives. Tirpok said the hunting community enjoys celebrating history and the rich legacy of hunting in Central New York.

“It’s to bring the guys interested in living history together. These guys all wanna live that period of time. That’s why we dress the way we dress and use old rifles,” said Tirpok. “You can tell when someone is interested in history. They’ll stop at every table and they’ll talk to the vendors and ask them questions.”