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Volunteers Needed As Meals On Wheels Delivers To More Elderly And Disabled

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Meals On Wheels of Western Broome is seeing an increase in the number of deliveries they have to make across the region. With more stops on the routes, comes a need for more volunteers. The organization says they plan on adding three more routes to their list come spring.

"Especially in Johnson City," says Volunteer Coordinator Zehava Winkler, "We have a route in that area with 16 stops, so we're looking to spread that out and make it a little more even among the volunteers."

Winkler says the organization delivers to more than 180 elderly and disabled. Volunteers pack up the hot and cold meals, and a team of two takes on a route, delivering food and checking in on their clients' well-being. 

"There are people who have family members who can't stop in and check on them and we're the person that does that," says Winkler.

Winkler says volunteers typically spend two hours a week at the not-for-profit. For more information about volunteering, visit the Meals on Wheels website.