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SUNY Broome Contains Bedbug incidents on Campus

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Over the past few weeks, numerous inquiries were made pertaining to bedbugs located on SUNY Broome's campus. According to campus officials, two separate incidents found bedbugs, and steps were taken to eliminate the pest problem, Wednesday.

In an email to SUNY Broome faculty, the first instance of a bedbug found was located in the counseling area of the Student Services Building. Officials believe the pest was transferred from a student to the counseling area's carpet. The carpet, room, and any furniture that student was in contact with was sprayed with pesticides and treated.

The second discovery of a bedbug was found in the carpet of the Student Digital Lounge (Room 106) of the Old Science Building. The lounge was evacuated and closed for spraying. While bedbug remnants were found in Room 106, no infestation was present. All cloth-covered furniture in the Digital Lounge was discarded, allowing any further furniture and carpet to be thoroughly cleaned.

No "bombing" or fumigation was involved in the disposal of the pests. All adjacent rooms and hallways were also inspected for infestation.

The Digital Lounge will reopen in the near future for student use.