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Steady Snowfall Leads To State of Emergency In Broome County

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A State of Emergency is in effect in Broome County until Saturday morning. It was a steady snowfall that started early in the morning on Friday, By noon, 10 inches has already been recorded in downtown Binghamton.

At 1:30pm, Broome County Executive Jason Garnar made the call to put the State of Emergency in place. This decision came after municipalities reported having a hard time keeping up with the snowfall, the accumulation becoming too much for the plows. 

"We reached out by phone and spoke to every municipal DPW," says Director of Emergency Services Michael Ponticiello. Ponticiello says this is check-in was part of an hourly assessment to determine the severity of the situation across the county.

With snow falling at a rate of 3 inches per hour in some areas, the condition of the roadways soon turned into a public safety issue.

"There's been more accidents today... I think we're over 50 at this point that have been investigated," says Broome County Under Sheriff Eric Janis, "A lot of cars stuck."

Getting those cars off the roads is imperative for both safety and cleanup, according to Susan Brown the Director of the Highway Division of the Department of Public Works.

"The crews have been out since around 3:30 this morning," says Brown, "There are a lot of downed trees, so any efforts people can make to stay home, that would help us immensely."

Broome County is assisting the City of Binghamton with their roads and the state has sent additional equipment and drivers to the region to dig us out.